Xingard Technology has become a member of ONF

Xingard Technology has become a member of ONF, 2014 focused on the development and application of SDN   
 Xingard Technology is proud to become international SDN standards organization ONF (Open Networking Foundation) members, within relevant international SDN standard organizations, ONF is the largest organization currently participating vendors, members of more than 100 members, board members include: Google, Verzion, NTT, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and other manufacturers, the purpose of their organization is to assist the development and application of SDN.

Xingard Technology inception in 2011 to get rid of conventional thinking and systems, specializing in the use of the latest Internet technology to help enterprises to construct more scalable and proactive network infrastructure to cope with the change of generations and diverse network and may be the main business core, and the core values of SDN Expert for the long-term development, to predict the future value of SDN in the market, far more than manufacturers have been required to respond, have echoed SDN value on the future market.

Xingard Technology also hopes in 2014, may have more science people get into to understand  technology infrastructure to better control, management and security advantages provided by SDN applications on the network , and we will continue to remind ourselves SDN become EXPERT in the field.