Be Our Partner

Xinguard committed to new solutions to overcome network security issues. Has a keen market observer force, our innovative, appropriate concept for customers to build the overall network planning to meet the basic needs and cost considerations.From the front of the huge amount of data, interruption of data storage, background information analysis , Xingard have a number of options to provide advice and adoption.

We look forward to having a wealth of experience and a common vision partnerships to promote Xinguard products, Xinguard its efforts to establish mutually beneficial relationships, and provide all the assistance, knowledge and tools to help partners achieve the goal of success.

Xinguard Partner Support :

Sales Support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Project pricing support
  • Sales Tools
  • Sales Traning
Marketing Support
  • MKT Tools
  • Media Support
Tech Support / Product Education/
  • Post-sales technical support
  • Regular sales and technical training