Specializes in the use of the latest network technology, lean and professional software development team

In a very rapid development of network, enterprises have to face the challenges and potential opportunities coming from network, and this is also testing how enterprise deal with such variations and contingencies. Xingard was established in December 2011, deeply understand the requirements of all types of enterprises,

Xinguard specialize in the use of the latest internet technology to assist enterprises to construct more scalable and proactive network infrastructure to cope with network generation changes and possibilities. Xingard provides appropriate solutions and collocates switches which breakthrough hardware limitations of existing network switches, assist enterprises get a best solution within limited budgets. Help customer to built a convenient and secure network environment is an aspiration for Xinguard .

Xingard committed to new solutions to optimize network monitor issues. Has a keen market observer force, our innovative, appropriate concept for customers lead us could build a network plan to meet the basic needs and cost considerations.


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