Pica8 SDN product solutions

Pica8 SDN product solutions are based on the SDN / OpenFlow standard protocol promoted by open network organization (ONF) Pica8 Software Defined Network (SDN) solution consists of three basic components: an entity including OpenFlow switches, virtual switches (Open vSwitch), and a controller (OpenFlow Controller) to coordinate operations between all the constituent elements.

Pica8 ™™ and Open vSwitch (OVS) working closely with a "Ryu" SDN controller project launched by NTT laboratories. Currently the entity OpenFlow switch launched by Pica8™™ equipped with the network operating system PICOS ™™ support both OpenFlow 1.2 and OVS 1.7.1 version integration. And Pica8 ™™ also successfully integrated Ryu OpenFlow Controller, the successful integration of its physical OpenFlow switch OVS and with OpenStack Hypervisor's OVS virtual switch of collaboration.

Pica8 ™™ OpenFlow switch is equipped with the network operating system PICOS ™™ includes the following features :

  • Supports OpenFlow 1.2 & OVS 1.7.1 protocol functions
  • Supports OF Config control standards
  • Supports Layer 2/Layer 3 and IPv4/IPv6 switching / routing function