Xcalenets Tap

Xcalenets Tap features

1. Configuration

●GUI:Provides a web-based GUI for management of all configurations and functions.

2. Traffic Tap

●One-to-one connection

●One-to-many connection

●Many-to-one connection

3. Packet filtering

●Filter based on L2~L4 information

Check overlapping policies

4. Network Design

●Traffic Load Balance

◎  Current available bandwidth based load balance.

●Loop prevention

◎  Built-in logic prevents creation of network loops. This feature supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one connection policies.


◎  Xcalenets Tap can support up to 20 switches and 1000 edge and delivery ports.

●High availability (Advanced function)

◎  Xcalenets Tap supports high availability through controller redundancy.

5. Security and Operations

●Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for users

◎  Supports authentication and authorization

◎  Roles: Viewer/Operator/Super User


◎  Xcalenets Tap provides system logs as well as user audit logs.

●Configuration file backup

◎  Provides ability to download configuration file.