Xcalenets Tap - a SDN based network monitoring solution

Xcalenets Tap solves the challenge of scaling a network monitoring solution using traditional networking devices, using the new generation of flexible networking made available by Software Defined Networking (SDN). It has been adopted by large enterprises that require monitoring of massive traffic flow.

Why monitor network traffic?

Many enterprises require a deeper visibility into their network traffic flow to assist/monitor the following:


Network performance/troubleshooting

Application performances

Challenges of conventional solutions

High cost of conventional Matrix Switches makes scaling very expensive.

Filtering and forwarding has to be statically configured for every matrix switch, making scaling complex.

All traffic to be monitored has to be aggregated to a matrix switch, making network design inflexible.

Xcalenets Tap advantage

Because of the limitations of SPAN/monitor ports on switches, organizations have turned to using Tap and packet monitoring switches.

Conventional Network Tap solutions can be expensive, which causes companies to look for alternatives.

Xcalenets Tap solution uses low-cost network switches with a SDN controller to allow for simple and flexible configurations of a packet monitoring and analysis system.

Note. If you are interest in Xcalenets Tap, please contact with us, trial version could be provided.